Sherry Serafini

Art has been a part of my soul ever since I can remember. My earliest inspirations came from my grandmother's jewelry boxes. She had stacks of boxes filled with gems and antique jewelry that fascinated me. My love of jewelry and the arts has led me into creating beaded body adornment. I combine Native American and Victorian beadweaving techniques with contemporary materials to produce my creations.

My tools are simple ones, needles, threads, suede's and a palette of beads and stones. These allow me to literally paint with my beads. My fascination with their texture, shape and color hold me captive. I prefer to work spontaneously letting the beads dictate where I go within the design, so rarely are my creations sketched out.

While creating a piece of jewelry I'm often inspired by colors and shapes. Egyptian jewelry is also a source of inspiration as are vintage designs too. My desire is to design a piece of art that is completely wearable. Structure fascinates me as much as color does. Taking these tiny glass beauties and making something strong and beautiful is very satisfying. Each component plays an important role in holding the design together. I've recently come to realize that not only is beadwork "art", but in creating it I use math, history, and architecture in my work.

Sherry Serafini - The Art of Bead Embroidery

Bell of The Ball
2012 Southern Bead Retreat Project